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Cast & Crew


Director/Writer Richard Kroehling is a two-time Emmy-Award-winning director with extensive credits as director, writer and producer in television, music videos, video art and feature film. He directed EINSTEIN with William Hurt and WORLD WITHOUT END on commission by England’s Film Four Labs which played in competition at the Amsterdam and Milan International Film Festival, As a screenwriter, Richard’s credits include the screenplay WICKED WORLD and BUDDHA. Richard directed over fifty hours of crime programming for international   television audiences.   With Eric Nadler, Richard, co-created the controversial TV series CONFESSIONS, hailed as “visionary and stunning” by Entertainment Weekly.

Executive Producer Martine Rothblatt started several innovative satellite broadcasting companies including Sirius Satellite Radio. She has also cyber scripted several pioneering websites including TERASEM MEDIA AND FILMS funds and produces independent narrative and documentary films that raise the public awareness and understanding of innovations in human life extension through the geo ethical application of cyber consciousness and bio-nano technologies.

Producer/Writer Eric Nadler is an author, television producer and filmmaker. His journalism has been featured in ROLLING STONE, PENTHOUSE, HARPER’S, THE NATION, THE NEW REPUBLIC and syndicated nationally by the LOS ANGELES TIMES. His films have been broadcast on PBS, the Sundance Channel and Court TV in the United States and broadcast internationally on four continents. His theatrical film STEALING THE FIRE (2002) on the international black market for nuclear weapon components was nominated for Feature Documentary of the Year by the International Documentary Association. He co-founded Transformer Films in 2003.

Producer Bob Coen is a filmmaker, journalist and author who has produced award-winning films documentaries and television programming for more than two decades. He has made films across four continents for clients that include ARTE, National Geographic TV, PBS, Channel Four (UK) among others and spent ten years as Africa correspondent for CNN. In 1997, he was awarded the prestigious Bayeux Prize for best war correspondent. He also consults for the United Nations in war-zones and humanitarian emergencies. He co-founded transformer Films in 2003.

Director of Photography Lisa Rinzler has an international reputation as a cinematographer. She started her career as a painter and is known as a master of lighting. Lisa has lensed more than 40 feature films. Her credits include the Academy Award-nominated POLLACK (with Ed Harris) and other box office hits including GUN CRAZY, DEAD PRESIDENTS, MENACE II SOCIETY, Steve Buscemi’s TREES LOUNGE and Wim Wenders’ BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB.  Lisa won the Sundance Independent Spirit Award in 1999.

Composer Michael Galasso began his career composing music for Robert Wilson’s “Ouverture”(1972), “The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin” (1973), “A Letter for Queen Victoria” (1974-5), and “The $ Value of Man” (1975). Also with Wilson, he has written the score for Ibsen’s “Lady from the Sea” (1998), Strindberg’s “A Dreamplay” (1998), voted the best foreign theater production for the 1999-2000 season by the French Theater and Music Critics Society after a performance in Paris in March 2000 at the Theatre National de Chaillot, Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” (2001), and for the theatrical version of Carl Mayer, Hans Janowitz and Robert Wiene’s silent film, “The Cabinet of Doktor Caligari” (2002). In 2004, Wilson and Galasso collaborated on “Les Fables de La Fontaine” for the Comédie-Française, which premiered January 30, 2004 in Paris and has been an enormous critical and public success. In November 2004, Galasso and Wilson will premiere “2 Lips and Dancers in Space” with the Nederlands Dans Theater in Luxembourg. Galasso is presently finishing the score for “Peer Gynt”, directed by Wilson and premiering in Oslo in February 2005.
Recent film scores include Wong Kar-Wai’s “Chunking Express” and “In the Mood for Love”, Babak Payami’s Iranian film “Secret Ballot”, Tajikistan’s Djemsjed Osmonov’s “Angel on my Right Shoulder”, Sam Gabarski’s “The Tango Rashevski”, Darvish Zaim’s Turkish film, “Çamur” (Mud), and Mariana Otero’s documentary “Histoire d’un Secret” and Gabriele Salvatores’ “I am not afraid”.

Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Russell brings a unique understanding of film production to visual effects. After graduating form the University of Southern California with a B.A. in theater, he began his career at DreamWorks SKG in Los Angeles, as a producer’s assistant on SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and ARMISTAD. While at Dream Works, he transitioned into visual effects, working on ground breaking films such as MINORITY REPORT and AI: Artificial Intelligence. Since then he has brought is breadth of experience to various role in larger films such as THE ITALIAN JOB and HELLBOY. He recently completed work on Charlie Kaufman’s SYNECDOCHE and Alex Rivera’s SLEEP DEALER.